The White World of Minimalist Living

Since I’m focusing on cleansing my life this year, of course, that is going to bring me to a state of needing to declutter.

This has taken me into the realm of minimalist living.


This world, I have found, is mostly white.  With no pictures on the wall and sometimes no bed, just a mattress on the floor.

Why?  Dear lord, WHY!?!

Now, I do understand in a way.  There are degrees of minimal.  Some minimalist people really want to be able to fit everything they own into a backpack and can just get up and go at a moments notice if they see fit.  Other people just feel like they have a wee bit much stuff they need to get rid of.  Other’s still are somewhere in between.

I understand, as well, that there is a connection between clutter and mental health.  I know its not healthy that I’m sitting here right now looking at a bit of ribbon that came off of a pack of dish towels I got for Chrsitmas and I can’t bear to think of throwing it away because “I might can use it for something.”

Somewhere along the way I’ve reached a point where having stuff, some of it literally junk, is very important.  This is stuff that I may never, ever use.  But I have it.  Its mine. It means something.

So, yeah, I need to work on the letting go.

So to a degree I understand the appeal of nothing but a mattress on the floor.

But why the sea of white?   I mean, I spill pretty much everything I touch.  If I painted my world white then it would look much less minimal than it does now because it will be stained in a multitude of ways.

In my year of cleansing I will be more minimal than before, but probably I can never par myself down to the point where I will be a “real” minimalist.

For sure I’m not going to paint everything white.

And my book shelf will never, ever, EVER look like the one above, because I have too many books for that. (I am kind of digging that bug calendar though.)

All Gone

Woke up this morning to sad news.

My post yesterday (A Radiation Cloud of Grief) apparently tempted the fates and a family member had a heart attack in the early morning hours.

I was terrified for most of the day, but now the terror is gone.  Mostly gone anyway.  As she was awake and coherent enough to all her sister.

Tentatively I put out into the universe for the death cloud to be GONE!



Its too bad I don’t have the magical crystal healing awesomeness to be sure that all the dying is over.

I want the grief and the fear of more grief to be GONE.

Inspired by Gone.

Magic and Maybes

Every day, they say, is a new beginning. A chance to reset, to start over, to redefine yourself.

They say.

But, also, they say the one thing you can never change about yourself, ever, is your personality.  Once you reach a certain age who you are is really set in stone.

Or in flesh.


Strangely, foolishly, I’m looking forward to the new year.

January 1 is not only the first day of the new year, it’s the first day of a new month that falls on the first day of a new week.

First, first, first.

Maybe, magically, when ’16 becomes ’17 all things will be better.

Maybe our nation won’t be fueled by hate.  Maybe Death will decide he took enough and give us a year away from dying.  Maybe…

Maybe a person can change their personality.

Maybe when the first day of the first week in the first month of a new year will wash away my anxiety and my depression, my fears and my frustrations.


So, in getting a jump start on the new year, in planning my resolutions, I’ve decided to learn.  Lets start with simple little things.

A new word every day.  A new Quote every day.

Join me, and learn things, and share things.

Lets, you and me, hold hands in friendship and peace and let us survive one more month before January arrives.

Lets look forward, as friends, to magic and maybes.

WORD of the DAY


  1. An even balance, equilibrium, an equal distribution of weight
  2. a counterpoise
  3. to equal or offset in weight, balance

QUOTE of the DAY

There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge.
Bertrand Russell