Dead Until Dark Novel Review

c96d921d3c1d38940f9524b939c1ea8fOur heroine in Dead Until Dark is Sookie Stackhouse.  Too sweet and naive for her own good, Sookie lives in the small town of Bon Temps with her grandmother and works at a local bar.  Many of the bar’s patrons call her Crazy Sookie because she’s not exactly normal.

Sookie Stackhouse can read minds.

When a vampire walks into the bar one night, she is excited.  Most of the undead would rather go to New Orleans.

The vampire Bill, however, wants to mainstream, to live with humans.  And he finds Sookie Stackhouse very appealing.

When she realized she can’t hear Bill’s thoughts, even if she tries, then he becomes very appealing to her as well.

Unfortunately, young women in Bon Temps start turning up dead.  Young women with a lot in common with Sookie.  They worked menial jobs and they had affections for vampires.

Sookie wants to make sure nobody points a finger at HER vampire for these crimes.  Instead, people start looking at her brother.


Sookie Stackhouse in True Blood

Sookie Stackhouse was portrayed by Anna Paquin on the HBO series True Blood. (CREDIT)

While trying to navigate the rocky road of an interspecies relationship Sookie finds herself doing something she has never done before, opening her ability to read the minds of everyone around her, trying to save her brother from going to prison for crimes he didn’t commit.


But if he didn’t do it, then who did?

I enjoyed this novel much more than a lot of more modern vampire novels.  While the main vampire, Bill, is not a bloodthirsty monster all of the vampires in the novel are capable (and most are equally willing) to shed human blood.

Dead Until Dark is the first book in a series of novels featuring Sookie Stackhouse.

Dead Until Dark and the Sookie Stackhouse novel’s, were made into a series on HBO called True Blood.

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Girl in Pieces

girl-inpieces-kathleen-glasgowCharlotte Davis is just seventeen.  She’s already lost more than most people do in a lifetime.  She is a Girl in Pieces.

This novel by Kathleen Glasgow tells Charlie’s story in 3 parts.

Part one opens with her in a hospital, surrounded by other girls and women like her. Girls and women who harm themselves.  The chapters are short and erratic, much like Charlie’s thoughts.

She’s covered and bandages and she will not talk.  Her thoughts often go back to the dark place she almost didn’t get out of alive,  but she feels safe.  She never wants to leave.

The second part finds Charlie out of the hospital, much to her dismay.  She travels very far away searching for a new life, different from her old life.

She reconnects with an old friend, who seems good for her.  And finds a new friend, who seems very bad fo her.

Her life is different than before the hospital but threatens to fall into the same old patterns.  She fights her self-destructive thoughts and struggles to move onward and upward.

When someone from her past comes to visit her, things start to fall apart farther and faster.  He life is in pieces again.

Part 3 is all about healing.  The events in part two of the novel have her in a safe place again, with perhaps a kindred spirit.  But she’ll have to leave again.  And what happens when she’s back in the world.

I enjoyed this read.  I was easily sucked into Charlie’s life.  You can feel her fear and her pain very clearly.  You go from cheering her on to hating her for not being able to see the bad decisions she’s making.

Self-mutilation is the theme of this novel, so I would not recommend it for someone who might be triggered by reading it.

Girl in Pieces is the debut novel for young adults by Kathleen Glasgow.

Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow is available on Amazon in kindle, hardcover and paperback editions.

I received a copy of this novel for free from Blogging For Books in exchange for an honest review.  This review was previously posted on Noner’s Bookmarks.