feb-6Hi everyone!

I am Nona! I’m a 35-year mom of two hyperactive boys and 2 elderly large house dogs.  I work full time outside of my home while trying to keep up with my manly menagerie! (I’m the only female in the whole house, and that even includes the fish!)

As of May 2016 I’ve reached a turning point in my life (possibly just a quarter life crisis) where I find myself asking “what is the point?”

I’m trying to figure out spirituality and financial security while wishing I could quit my unfulfilling but bill-paying day job.  I’d much rather be a stay at home (or work from home) mom.

I’m an internet addict trying to figure out the best way to monetize my personal blog without having to sell out.  (Which is the say I wish people would pay me to talk about myself even though my life is dull as drying paint.)

When I’m online and not blogging you can usually find me on facebook.

I’m a creative soul and love to play with arts and crafts but stop short of calling myself an artist.

Wanna know more?  Just ask!  Drop a comment below.


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