The White World of Minimalist Living

Since I’m focusing on cleansing my life this year, of course, that is going to bring me to a state of needing to declutter.

This has taken me into the realm of minimalist living.


This world, I have found, is mostly white.  With no pictures on the wall and sometimes no bed, just a mattress on the floor.

Why?  Dear lord, WHY!?!

Now, I do understand in a way.  There are degrees of minimal.  Some minimalist people really want to be able to fit everything they own into a backpack and can just get up and go at a moments notice if they see fit.  Other people just feel like they have a wee bit much stuff they need to get rid of.  Other’s still are somewhere in between.

I understand, as well, that there is a connection between clutter and mental health.  I know its not healthy that I’m sitting here right now looking at a bit of ribbon that came off of a pack of dish towels I got for Chrsitmas and I can’t bear to think of throwing it away because “I might can use it for something.”

Somewhere along the way I’ve reached a point where having stuff, some of it literally junk, is very important.  This is stuff that I may never, ever use.  But I have it.  Its mine. It means something.

So, yeah, I need to work on the letting go.

So to a degree I understand the appeal of nothing but a mattress on the floor.

But why the sea of white?   I mean, I spill pretty much everything I touch.  If I painted my world white then it would look much less minimal than it does now because it will be stained in a multitude of ways.

In my year of cleansing I will be more minimal than before, but probably I can never par myself down to the point where I will be a “real” minimalist.

For sure I’m not going to paint everything white.

And my book shelf will never, ever, EVER look like the one above, because I have too many books for that. (I am kind of digging that bug calendar though.)

8 thoughts on “The White World of Minimalist Living

  1. I am a minimalist and I DO NOT SLEEP IN THE FLOOR! I have stuff, I have pictures on the walls. I have a peacock blue room, a deep purple room. I think those white pictures are for magazines. I do have white in my home but I got colored stuff, like cobalt blue glassware or hot pink curtains. I know I have to much stuff but 99% is organized. I am always working on myself to get rid of more.

    Dont be no one but yourself, just with less junk and a cleaner place.

    • I kniw there are different levels of minimal. I have seen youtuve videis of people whi literally have a mattress on the floor!
      Your minimal life posts are more inspiring to me than that.

  2. Decluttering is very important to know what we actually need and what we have. I have sometimes stored up on things for too long and finally when I take it to use it would have become too old to be of any use. Though there are a few things I cling on to (for Vintage value) I generally declutter y home thoroughly once every 6 months.

  3. I think the tossers are actually sicker than (most of) the hoarders…and saving string, ribbon, etc., isn’t sick at all. Hoarding is a sickness when people obsessively hoard rotting food or other decaying organic material, or when they have delusions that objects are talking to them and become afraid to move, clean, or pass along something they bought to resell or give away. Saving things you can actually reuse is healthy if you reuse them. Saving things you can pass down to your children is something I frequently bless my ancestors for having done. All this nagging and natter about “if you’ve not used it during a specified amount of time you *should* throw it away” is actually coming from greedy people who hope to sell more ribbons, paper, gift wrap, etc., by shaming those who reuse it. I say we need to hand the shame right back to those people…save string with pride!

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