A Radiation Cloud of Grief

This year has been good to me.  All two days of it so far.

Other people have had sad news.  Someone I know lost their mother on new years day.  It’s tragic, though it was expected it still has to be a horrible way to start a new year.



There were so many celebrity deaths in 2016.  So much personal loss for many people as well.  Too many police shooting innocent people.  Too many people shooting innocent officers.  Too much death in general.

We lost family members.  We lost pets who have been with us for 13 years.

I wanted 2017 to start without any deaths, a day or two where everyone lives, and everyone gets to go on…just one more day.

Is it just fallout.  The toxic radiation of destruction reaching into the new year, but will dissipate the farther from December 31 that we go?

Or is it a portent?  A sign of things to come.

Will 2017 = 2016?  Will it try to surpass it?

I’m happy to be in a safe home tonight.  I’m happy to have two robustly happy children sleeping in their beds.  I’m happy that bad teeth and a ringing in his ears are the worst my husband has going for him.

If we can make it deep into 2017 without someone near and dear to us leaving us behind then maybe, just maybe, we can have a year free of personal loss for a change.


4 thoughts on “A Radiation Cloud of Grief

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