Cleanse – My Word of the Year

Today is January 1st, and people are thinking, thinking, thinking of what their resolutions for the New Year will be.

Other people feel that resolutions are set ups for failure, that they are often such lofty goals that they seem overwhelming and people give up.

That is why some people choose a word of the year instead.  Just ONE word to apply to all of their lives in the upcoming year.

Many of my friends have been doing Word of the Year, but I have never chosen a word.  Until this year.

This year my word of the year is:



I have had struggles in my life, not just in the past year (which was especially harsh) but for many years.

My life, my body, my soul, all need a good cleansing.

This upcoming year for me is going to be about casting out the old, unwanted, unneeded in order to make room for new, fresh, better things.

For the next year I will be trying to live my life by my word.

  1. Decluttering my home of the stuff I don’t want/need/love
  2. Letting go of negative emotions, grudges, sorrows of the past.
  3. Treating my body better, cleansing it of the fat that is making it sick.

I’m sure there are mor ways I can live my life in a cleansing way.

I will still be making resolutions, and I’m sure they will fit hand in hand with my word of the year in one way or another.

On top of my ONE word of the year, I would also like to learn some new words this year, and considering buying a Word a Day calendar.  Or maybe just a word a day e-mail.

Do you do resolutions or a word of the year?  What are/is your main goal/goals for 2017?  Let me know in the comments!


18 thoughts on “Cleanse – My Word of the Year

  1. I love the one word! I do make resolutions but Like you I may add a word that would fit with them, thanks for inspiring me to think of change in one word. Now what will my word be? 🙂

    • I went through a lot of words before I settled on Cleanse. I thought about different areas of my life and what I wanted to do differently (or keep the same) and tried to find a word that would fit all of what I accomplish more or less.

      If you choose a word I’d love to know what it is!

    • Thank you.

      I’d seen people doing word of the year for a long time, guess it was my time to try it. I’d love to know your word if you do it.

      I hope your 2017 is wonderful for you!

    • Thank you.

      I’ve become a hoarder of things and of emotion. Its not going to be easy to let go of it all, but I hope 2017 can make a start for me.

  2. I have chosen a word for the year for the last 6 years, bar 1, and find it quite helpful instead of resolutions. It works for me.
    I like Cleanse and I wish you the best this year. I too am in process of de-cluttering and my word is Movement so that I can get on with it. Take care as the process can be deep.

    • Movement.
      That is a wonderful word. And decluttering would certainly make movement more achievable. Its hard to move when we are surrounded by stuff (both physical and mental.)

  3. Neat idea! I’ve read about one other person doing this for several years; maybe I should try it too! I think my word for this year would be Competent. I want to be able to handle my bizness!!

  4. Great idea! I’ve never heard of a word for the year but I can see how it would be helpful. A mantra. I’m thinking mine will be “change”. It sums up what I want to accomplish this year.

    • Change is a strong word! It can mean so many different things. Hopefully it will help you accomplish all the things you want to accomplish in the year!

  5. I started decluttering myself just before Christmas. I cleared out two cupboards and threw out alot of stuff I have been keeping for 8 years. So good to declutter.

  6. I prefer proactive plans to achieve objectives and goals. My word for 2017 is breakthrough, and it actually incorporates many of your goals under “cleanse” (great word!) Thanks for sharing!

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