The Folly of Positive Thinking

Some time back I read “The Secret” and like millions of others I fell for it.

If I only put positive thoughts out there, then amazing things would come to me!  It happened for lots of other people!

Now, positive thought are HARD for me.  I’m naturally a very pessimistic person.  I joke that not only is my glass half empty but it has a crack in it and the rest of the juice is leaking out.



Some days my glass isn’t just half empty, its shattered. (Photo Credit)

The power of positive thinking is pretty much what The Secret is.  If you think, “I wish I had” it is basically the same as sending “I don’t have” vibes into the universe and that echos back to you.  You are supposed to send out, “I have” vibes.  Live as if the thing you really want is already yours, and the universe will MAKE it yours.

And thinking positively isn’t a bad thing but…

The catch is that if it doesn’t work for you that just means you are not doing it right.  You’re not beleiveing hard enough.

So if it doesn’t work its all your fault.

How’s that for a daily affirmation.  If its not working its because you suck.

After a few months of positive thinking, I noticed that nothing had changed.  Absolutely nothing.

So, it has to be me.  The univerise has it out for me right.



Dear Universe, what am I doing Wrong!?! (Image Credit)

Oddly enough, despite the obvious flaw, I can’t seem to drop the idea that Positive Thinking will fix all the problems in my life.

I just have to think harder!


Right now I’m going through a low in my mental health.  Having been battling depression for many years without medication I know this is not a “sadness” that positive thinking can blow away.  I also know that Positive Thinking is going to be pretty much impossible this time of year.

Holidays+working retail means October and December is nothing less than a living hell.  Hell is not condusive to positivity.

But still……


I think in this upcoming year I need to work on positivity again.

Who knows, maybe I AM doing it wrong.  Maybe I just need more practice.

Have you ever tried to harness the “Power of Positive Thinking” for yourself?  If so, did it work?

(Post inspired by Folly)

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